Sun And Man

Sun And Man

An album of exotic, hybrid orchestral music.  Largely inspired by the news of the upcoming Dune movie.  Think of it as a soundtrack to that.


Underneath The Skin.v2

Underneath The Skin

Dramatic piano and intimate strings.  Album focuses mostly on tense moments, but with some moments of lightness.

Songs of the Apocalypse.v2

Songs Of The Apocalypse

Music that one might hear as the world descends into the Apocalypse.  Mostly aggressive rock, with the occasional upbeat track to lighten the mood.

A Gentle Snow

A Gentle Snow

Songs written on a soft piano, backed up by gentle strings.  An album for introspection... mostly.

Seven Stars

Sounds From The Seven Stars

A collection of exotic and motley tracks that are comfortable anywhere in the galaxy.  Unusual and somewhat mysterious.


The Sunset Orchestra

The Sunset Orchestra

Orchestral music, full of melodrama!  Brassy brass and stringy strings, accompanied by banging percussion and the occasional woodwind.  Emotions range from moody too upbeat.


Summer Rocks

Summer Rocks!

Just what is sounds like, drums, guitar and maybe some synths having a good time out on the beach.