Here at The Mars Orchestra we compose music for TV, Film, and Video Games.


We make music!  Our specialty is rock and hybrid orchestral.

More Music!

We also enjoy unstructured, ambient, or even experimental music, that may even border on sound effects design.


Anything else, music related, we'll give it a go, just ask.

Music With A Unique Identity

A lot of music sounds alike.  What can you say, if the crowds like it then why stop playing it.

However at The Mars Orchestra, we try to break free from the mold.  We like to develop music that has its own particular style.  Full disclosure, this my be a result of the fact that Martians may, or may not, have been involved in its production.  This may be what gives the music a little something that maybe you haven't heard before.

This photo of a radar dish is how we receive all our music, as it is transmitted from Mars every morning at 6am sharp.  Most days we have no idea what the music will sound like but we always enjoy it!


Next Steps...

Your next step should be to listen to some good music.  Maybe that's here, maybe that's somewhere else, who knows.  Music is different for everyone.