Here at The Mars Orchestra we compose music for TV, Film, and Video Games.


We make music!  Our specialty is rock and hybrid orchestral.

More Music!

We also enjoy unstructured, ambient, or even experimental music, that may even border on sound effects design.


Anything else, music related, we'll give it a go, just ask.

Contact me at: kery@themarsorchestra.com

Music With A Unique Identity

A lot of music sounds alike.  What can you say, if the crowds like it then why stop playing it?  But at The Mars Orchestra, we try to break free from the mold.  We enjoy writing and developing music that has its own particular style.

Our primary focus is on producing full length and license-ready albums that focus on one genre, instrumentation or mood that are ready for upload to music libraries.  But we also regularly produce one-off compositions when inspired or required.

Many of our tracks have alternate versions, such as 30 seconds, stingers, loops, etc.

Stems are available upon request.


Next Steps...

Your next step should be to listen to some good music.  Maybe that's here, maybe that's somewhere else, who knows.  Music is different for everyone.