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Our Approach

Music is a beautiful and constantly mutating beast.  In the pursuit of fresh and exciting music one must understand the basics of music theory, this allows for complexity when needed.  But on the other hand, one also must enjoy just playing and improvising for the sheer fun of making sound!  This allows for joy and spontaneity.

It is the intersection of these two streets that great music can be made.  This is what we try to do here.

The Mars Orchestra Story

My name is Kery Michael and I live in Massachusetts, USA.  I am a composer who enjoys exploring the many intersections that are now possible within the world of music.  Thanks to developments in software, one can mix the craft and beauty of orchestral structure with a wide array of new tools.

For example, think drenching a string quartet in otherworldly reverb so that a Bach inspired piece sounds like it's drifting through space...  Or writing a concerto for the exotic hang drum...  Or enjoying the rip of a loud, fuzzy synth right through the middle of a symphonic climax.

It is my opinion that today's modern orchestra is now comprised of eight elements, the traditional– string, brass, woodwinds, and percussion.  But now the new– a rock section (guitar/bass/drums), a synth section, an exotic section (Middle Eastern/Indian), and a DAW section.  The DAW section encompasses all the studio tools that can metamorphosize a standard classical piece into something new and exciting by using distortion, chorus, EQ, compression, saturation, delay, etc.

It is mixing some, or all, of these sections that allow for an endless array of possibilities.    This is where I enjoy getting to work.

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Meet the Team

Here's the most prominent members of my "team" that helps me to write music.  They've been with me for a quite awhile.  There's a lot of love in this room.

Les Paul-Mosaic

Electric Guitar

Riffs & Distortion

Old friend that still can pound out the riffs and the licks.



Synth & Orchestra

The main work horse, with the power of MIDI, can sound like anything imaginable.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Strumming & Picking

And of course, the acoustic, great for indie, country, classic rock, etc.