About Me

The Mars Orchestra Story

My name is Kery Michael and I live in Massachusetts, USA.

Grew up taking piano lessons.  Took a semester of music at college.  Decided that wasn't right for me.  Switched majors and don't regret it.  But now, years later, the siren call of music is bringing me back.  Well that and all the wonderful, affordable tools that are now available to make great sounding music!

Though, I must admit, we're in a mixed time for music. It's now possible to make great sounding, production quality music on a laptop in a bedroom.  But we're also now in a music overload, attention deficit society where consumers listen to 15 seconds of music before moving on.  There may now be too many cooks and not enough diners!

But that's OK, I love making music.  So this is what I do.

tonic dominant tonic

Contact me at:  kery@TheMarsOrchestra.com

Meet the Team

Here's the most prominent members of my "team" that helps me to write music.  They've been with me for a quite awhile.  There's a lot of love in this room.

Les Paul-Mosaic

Electric Guitar

Riffs & Distortion

Old friend that still can pound out the riffs and the licks.



Synth & Orchestra

The main work horse, with the power of MIDI, can sound like anything imaginable.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Strumming & Picking

And of course, the acoustic, great for indie, country, classic rock, etc.