About Us


Our Approach

Music is a beautiful and constantly changing beast.  In our pursuit of fresh and exciting music we are continually learning the basics (music theory), improvising (just playing and enjoying), and listening to current, good music.

The Mars Orchestra Story

The Mars Orchestra is a one man show, myself, Kery Michael.  I began playing the piano as a wee-lad, and then the guitar not long after that.  I've always enjoyed jamming with friends and writing chords, riffs, melodies, etc.

I've been a part of the music production business since 2018, enjoying the community of supportive musicians and the opportunity to generate income doing something that I love!

Contact us at:  kery@TheMarsOrchestra.com

Meet the Team

Here's the most prominent members of my "team" that helps me to write music.  They've been with me for a quite awhile.  There's a lot of love in this room.

Les Paul-Mosaic

Electric Guitar

Riffs & Distortion

Bought with money I got from my high school graduation party.



Synth & Orchestra

Inherited this one when a family member couldn't use it anymore.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Strumming & Picking

Actually was originally my wife's, but is now mine by eminent domain.