About Us


Our Approach

Good music takes a little bit of brains, a little bit of raw emotion, and a good deal of time and discipline.

Here at The Mars Orchestra, we do our best to add all the necessary ingredients into every song we write.

The Mars Orchestra Story

The Mars Orchestra is a guy, myself, Kery Michael.  I began playing the piano as a wee-lad, and then the guitar not long after that.  I enjoy writing music, either through improv, practicing some music theory, or just jamming on a pentatonic scale over some blues.

I found out that an acquaintance of mine writes music full time for libraries, TV, etc.  So I said, if he can do it, let me give it a shot.  So I bought Logic X and got to work learning EQ, compression, and mixing.  Love it.  Constantly learning, and, hopefully improving.

Meet the Team

Here's the "team" that helps me to write music.  They've been with me for a quite awhile.  There's a lot of love in this room.

Les Paul-Mosaic

Electric Guitar

Riffs & Distortion

Bought with money I got from my high school graduation party.



Synth & Orchestra

Inherited this one when a family member passed away.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Strumming & Picking

Actually was originally my wife's, but is now mine by eminent domain.