My name is Kery Michael and I am a freelance composer of unique and unusual orchestral arrangements.  

Mixing the Eastern with the Western, and the Retro with the Modern.

Contact me at: kery@themarsorchestra.com

Current Project called:

"Galactic Travels"

This album is designed to be watched while sitting in a planetarium and watching the cosmos zipping by.

A big and powerful orchestra, fuzzy synths, and a pounding rock drummer all create a dramatic and satisfying musical journey.  This is an album of hybrid, orchestral material that traverses the emotional spectrum.

Some Favorite Orchestral Tracks

Some orchestral tracks from previous albums:  a smattering of soaring strings, gentle piano, upbeat drums, and angry brass.

Some Favorite Rock Tracks

Angry buzzing synth, punchy guitars, pounding drums, and a lot of noise!  Everything that a good rock track needs.

Since 1993

Music With A Unique Identity

My name is Kery Michael and I am a freelance composer based in Massachusetts, USA.  My compositional style is firmly at the intersection of symphonic, rock, and electronic instruments.

I primarily focus on producing full length albums that are license ready.  But I am always happy to produce one-off compositions when inspired or required.

Many of my tracks have alternate versions, such as 30 seconds, stingers, loops, etc.

Stems are available upon request.

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