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My name is Kery Michael and I'm a freelance composer.  I make sound with a gritty, modern orchestra.  All available for TV, Film and Commercial projects.

Too much Martian sun...
Too much Martian sun...

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Studio Sep 2021

Current Project called:

"Awakening Power"

Raw, aggressive orchestra.  No synths and no hybrid music!  (We've all had enough... maybe)

It's a soundtrack to when regular folk learn they have power during an Armageddon level event.

Current Project called:


Hybrid Orchestral, action movie-ish, dystopian style.

Heavy on the synths and orchestra, standard epic movie percussion to keep things interesting...

Another Current Project called:

"Super Organism"

This album has more symphonic and electronic elements.  More of a soundtrack to a nature documentary, exploring the wonders and sights of our incredible world.

Full orchestra, percussion and several synths provide an immersive sound experience.

Recent Project called:

"Violins & Bikers"

This album is designed to convey what happens when hardened bikers learn how to play string instruments.

A chamber string orchestra played in the style of heavy, riffy rock.  Also, maybe if Metallica was born in England in 1860.

Some Favorite Orchestral Tracks

Some orchestral tracks from previous albums:  a smattering of soaring strings, gentle piano, upbeat drums, and angry brass.

Some Favorite Rock Tracks

Angry buzzing synth, punchy guitars, pounding drums, and a lot of noise!  Everything that a good rock track needs.

Since 1993

Music With A Unique Identity

My name is Kery Michael and I am a freelance composer based in Massachusetts, USA.  My compositional style is firmly at the intersection of symphonic, rock, and electronic instruments.

I primarily focus on producing full length albums that are license ready.  But I am always happy to produce one-off compositions when inspired or required.

Many of my tracks have alternate versions, such as 30 seconds, stingers, loops, etc.

Stems are available upon request.

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