The Mars

My name is Kery Michael and I'm an independent artist and freelance composer.  

My preferred instrument is a raw, organic sound using unique orchestral arrangements. 

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We Bring Music

Current Project called:

"We Bring Music"

A smaller, more dramatic orchestra consisting of Chamber Strings, jazz drums, electric piano and church organ!

Think of a quartet of Martians, who enjoy American hard rock coming across a cache of musical instruments.  At first poking at them curiously and then, gaining confidence and playing them aggressively.

Recent Project called:

"Comet Seeks Sun"

A smaller, more dramatic orchestra consisting of Chamber Strings, jazz drums, electric piano and church organ!

Riffy and energetic, the string section makes occasional use of a guitar pedal board to add effects such as distortion and delay.

Comet Seeks Sun

Recent Project called:

"Awakening Power"

A raw, aggressive orchestra, full of "riffs" and punchy percussion.  Next to no synths used, mostly organic instruments only!

This is a soundtrack for regular people who have lived through a world ending apocalypse and have learned the necessary skills to survive in a world gone mad.

Awakening Power

Previous Project called:

"Super Organism"

This album has more symphonic and electronic elements.  More of a soundtrack to a nature documentary, exploring the wonders and sights of our incredible world.

Full orchestra, percussion and several synths provide an immersive sound experience.

Super Organism

Previous Project called:

"The Neon Burns"

Hybrid Orchestral, action movie-ish, dystopian style.

Heavy on the synths and orchestra, standard epic movie percussion to keep things interesting...

The Neon Burns

Recent Project called:

"Galactic Travels"

Soundtrack for sitting in a planetarium watching the universe go whizzing by.

Full orchestra, rock-style drums and many, many synths.

Since 1993

Music With A Unique Identity

My name is Kery Michael and I am a freelance composer based in Massachusetts, USA.  My compositional style is firmly at the intersection of symphonic, rock, and electronic instruments.

I primarily focus on producing full length albums that are license ready.  But I am always happy to produce one-off compositions when inspired or required.

Many of my tracks have alternate versions, such as 30 seconds, stingers, loops, etc.

Stems are available upon request.

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